October 13, 2009

California Home Markets Driven by Short Sales and Foreclosures

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For California short sales we are anticipating at another two or three years of strong activity,” said Jim Satterwhite, chief operating officer of National Quick Sale, a Jacksonville, Florida-based company that negotiates short sales on homes that are valued less than what they are mortgaged for.  Loan modification agreements, foreclosure prevention and bad credit refinancing continue to drive up the traffic for loan applications.  “Some mortgage refinance markets have seen better price stability, but they are not going up yet. But it will still be two or three more years before housing even starts to appreciate in some other markets,” he said.

August 11, 2009

Pick the Right Loan Modification Company

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Real Estate Related News recommends finding a foreclosure prevention company that provides a refund policy and can document a succesful track record negotiating with your specific lender.  Federal and state agencies took 189 actions today against modification and foreclosure-rescue firms, the Federal Trade Commission announced.

Realtytrac: Foreclosures Up 11% in Last Qtr.


The coordinated actions were part of a national law-enforcement effort by 2 federal and 23 state agencies to crack down on loan modification scams.  “Operation Loan Lies,” has targeted loan modification companies that allegedly promised to obtain modifications or stop foreclosures, but the companies actually did nothing. Advance fees charged by the loss mitigation firms were equal to one or more mortgage payments, but no loan negotiations ever took place.  See the original article at FTC Shuts Down Loan Modification Scams.